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17 Nov 2022
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What I learned about storytelling after reading every Jack Reacher novel in a year

When the world shut down, writer Fleur Macdonald sought distraction in the 26 paperback books of Lee Child. She came for the punch-ups. She left with a masterclass in fiction writing.

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What not to do when a journalist asks if you’re racist

Step one: don't be racist. Step two: follow the rest of these steps.

Ben Hart


5 min read

12 steps for making “iconic” TV shows, according to noted storytelling genius Jeff Bezos

The bazillionaire once listed a dozen storytelling elements every Amazon TV show had to include. They say more about our obsession with rules than they do about making good TV.

8 min read

Battle of the brands: how today’s politicians are sold as products on a shelf

If Labor versus Liberal sometimes feels like Campbell’s Soup verus Heinz, that’s no accident.

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Four storytelling tips from Robert McKee

The screenwriting guru dispensed plenty of advice in a recent interview. Here are a few of our favourite kernels of wisdom.

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Clementine Ford on writing through the fear

The three-time author speaks about running, putting pen to paper and ignoring your self-doubt.

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ABC journo Dan Ziffer turns boring into interesting

The subtle art of getting people to pay attention to things they’d rather not.

The Story


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Rachel Withers finds the daily story in Canberra’s hourly insanity

The editor of The Monthly's politics newsletter covers the day's political narratives without buying into them.

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Four TED Talks that will make you a better storyteller

Got an internet connection? You got yourself a crash course in storytelling, care of these wisdom-imparting videos.

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