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“What’s The Story, morning glory?”

So sang one of the Gallaghers—Liam, we think—back in the mid-’90s. And while we're pretty sure the question was rhetorical (if not entirely meaningless), we, the people behind The Story, have an answer:

The Story is a digital magazine about the art, craft and science of storytelling. It’s full of practical advice to help you tell your own story more effectively, and impractical non-advice (longform journalism, you might call it) about the stories that shape the world around us.

Updated semi-regularly, The Story deconstructs great texts to see how they work, interviews professional storytellers to learn about their craft, and wrestles with the big issues facing the media and comms worlds today.

It does this because The Story's editors and founders believe that storytelling is a superpower—one you can wield or have wielded over you. The Story informs, empowers and, like all good stories, entertains. It's the home of storytelling about storytelling.

End of story.

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The Story is funded by—but editorially independent of—Fireside, a communications agency for those doing good in the world.

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